US should rethink sanctions to be more effective – NI

Russia, China and Iran are trying to create multipolar world, which has no place for the US. Therefore, Washington needs to focus on “soft power” and not allow rivals to win without a fight. This was stated by American analysts.

In their view, Beijing is Washington’s biggest competitor because its actions are “ruthless, unscrupulous and predatory.” China’s military and economic potential poses a threat of unprecedented proportions, experts say. Russia and Iran are supporters of the PRC, therefore they also pose a danger to the United States.

“All of them are united by one desire – to defeat America without a fight,” analysts said. The National Interest (NI).

Even in the context of armed conflicts, the United States needs to look for ways to peacefully resolve disputes between states. Moreover, the issue of providing assistance to other countries and imposing sanctions should be rethought. The allocation of funds does not always become a solution to the problem, since the level of corruption is growing along with this, experts noted.

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