US sanctions against Russia will not harm the Russian economy, political scientist said

Political scientist, head of the Expert Club of the Sverdlovsk Region Anatoly Gagarin commented on Pravda.Ru acceptance Switzerland seventh package of EU sanctions against Russia.

“All these packages of sanctions will not have a devastating impact on the Russian economy. After the first packages were announced, Russia redirected its financial, economic, production, industrial and other flows from Europe to the countries of Asia, East, Africa and Latin America. In fact, , they turn out to be much more than those 30-odd countries that joined the economic blockade of the Russian Federation,” Gagarin said.

He explained why Switzerland joined the sanctions pressure on the Russian Federation.

“The meaning of Switzerland’s participation in sanctions pressure on the Russian Federation is clear. This is due to gold reserves, the exchange and circulation of gold in the financial sector. But judging by the figures, the main partners in this process are the countries of Asia and the East. First of all, India, which is one of consumers of gold,” the source said.

According to the political scientist, Switzerland has become an unreliable partner, so Russia will not cooperate with this country.

“After the West has shown itself to be an unfriendly and unreliable economic partner, Russian business and the state no longer want to deal with Switzerland. Therefore, the expressions “Swiss bank” and “Swiss reliability” are already an oxymoron,” Gagarin said.

He added that Russia is experiencing unprecedented economic pressure, but anti-Russian sanctions, first of all, hit Western countries painfully.

“Both Iran and Cuba were under sanctions, but such a large-scale pressure that is being exerted on Russia, perhaps, was not in world history. But there was no such response either. Because sanctions hit not Russia to a greater extent, but those who imposed them. The inclusion of Switzerland in this package will not have an impact on the Russian economy,” Gagarin stressed.

On Wednesday, August 3, the Swiss authorities adopted the seventh package of sanctions against Russia, including the embargo on gold.

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