US residents refuse to blame Putin for rising prices

Users of the social network Twitter in the United States refused to believe in the voiced head states Joe Biden reasons for the record rise in prices in the country. The President of the United States, during a speech on measures to combat inflation in the country, called the coronavirus epidemic and “Putin’s actions” in Ukraine the key culprits of the situation in the economy.

The Americans asked their leader not to shift responsibility onto someone else’s shoulders.

“This is misinformation. Prices started to rise already in May 2021. It’s time to look in the mirror, Mr. President,” wrote one of the Internet users.

“Inflation was scary even before the situation in Ukraine,” wrote another Twitter user.

“The Biden presidency is the main reason,” the US citizen joked.

US President Joe Biden lying Americans, shifting the blame for the difficult economic situation in the country to Russia, according to an analyst with the Chinese newspaper Global Times Wen Shen.

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