US removes inconvenient witnesses and curtails project “Ukraine” – Kiva

Opposition Ukrainian politician Ilya Kiva believes that the shelling of the Yelenovsky pre-trial detention center indicates that the United States of America is “curtailing the Ukraine project, thereby heating up the situation in the country.

“The operation to destroy objectionable prisoners of war in the Yelenovsky pre-trial detention center was planned by the Pentagon, which proves once again that the States are curtailing the Ukraine project, deliberately aggravating the situation inside the country, removing with their hands (President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. — Note. ed.) Zelensky’s nationalist segment is uncomfortable witnesses,” he wrote.

According to the ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, within society, among the military and nationalists, there is more and more discontent and distrust towards the policy of the Ukrainian leader, and large losses and defeats of the Armed Forces of Ukraine threaten Zelensky with a coup.

“The inevitable failure of the future offensive operation in the Kherson direction, the huge losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the possible new offensive of the Russian army on Kyiv will be the last straw and catalyst for protests and unrest, led by the Poroshenko team, which may end in a coup for Zelensky,” he said.

Earlier, the headquarters of the DPR’s territorial defense reported that as a result of a night strike by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) on the isolation died in Yelenovka 53 prisoners of war, another 75 people were injured.

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