US needs to prepare for war at the same time as Russia and China – Manken

USA threatens conflict with China and Russia at the same time. In this case, Washington expects a complete defeat. This was stated by an American analyst Thomas Manken.

In his opinion, the main problem of the United States is the doctrine that was adopted by the Pentagon in 2015. Seven years ago, the Americans abandoned preparations to fight two armed conflicts at the same time and concentrated on only one. In addition, US military equipment is beginning to age, and the number of ammunition is limited due to assistance to Ukraine, Manken said.

“If Washington finds itself in a state of war on two fronts – in Eastern Europe and in the Pacific, then in both cases, participation in hostilities is likely to be prolonged,” the analyst writes in a material for foreign affairs.

The expert calls on the Pentagon to create reserves of ammunition and high-quality equipment. Also, according to Manken, non-standard methods of warfare should be developed.

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