US may use tactical nuclear weapons against Russia – President Duda

Polish President Andrzej Duda, who is at the UN summit in New York, made a loud statement to the media. He argues that the United States is quite wary of “nuclear threats” Russia, but they can answer: Washington also has “buttons for launching nuclear missiles,” Polsat News reports.

“The United States is a big nuclear state, the largest military state in the world, and the fact that the United States takes this Russian threat seriously is also a threat to Russia. If Russia breaks all taboos against a state without nuclear weapons and today defending its territory using only conventional weapons, if tactical nuclear weapons are used against this state, Russia can expect a response,” the President is quoted as saying. Polsat News.

The head of Poland is sure that if Moscow took such a “crazy step” by using nuclear weapons, then Russia would cease to exist for the entire democratic world.

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