US Lost: White House Forced to Ease Sanctions on Russian Oil

The Americans said that until September 23, 2023 it is allowed to supply oil from the Sakhalin-2 field to Japan

The Americans said that until September 23, 2023 it is allowed to supply oil from the Sakhalin-2 field to Japan

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Against the backdrop of talk about the introduction of a price ceiling for Russian oil, the United States decided to introduce a number of concessions regarding the purchase of our energy resources. Thus, the US Treasury has allowed the supply of Russian oil to Bulgaria, Croatia and EU countries that do not have access to the sea, according to a document called “OFAC Guidelines for the implementation of the policy of limiting prices for crude oil of Russian origin.” This OFAC, if anyone does not know, is a cool office – the Office of Foreign Assets Control, a division of the US Department of the Treasury dealing with financial intelligence.

In addition, the Americans stated that until September 23, 2023, it is allowed to supply oil from the Sakhalin-2 field to Japan.

And the third point is that if Russian oil undergoes significant processing, then the price ceiling will not apply to it.

– Of all this, the most significant is the permission to trade with Japan for almost a year, – commented on the news for Director of the Energy Development Fund Sergey Pikin. – This is a mutually beneficial solution: we can not stop production in the region and sell oil, and thanks to this, Japan will not have energy hunger, for them it is vital. The Americans took into account the interests of their eastern partner in this matter.


As for significant processing, according to the expert, we are talking about real processing – for example, the production of diesel fuel.

“India does just that with Russian oil,” Pikin clarified.

In addition, according to him, some countries also use such a trick as mixing oil.

– A foreign tanker with Russian oil hangs up somewhere in the ocean, turns off the positioning system so that it cannot be detected by satellites, another tanker approaches it, and Russian oil is unboiled from another – in the end it is no longer Russian oil and it can be safely sell, – the expert revealed the cards. – This does not mean that oil has become better or worse, it just already falls under the documentation, as if from another country that has not been sanctioned.

No one advertises such blending, but America and the European Union do not scour the seas and oceans in search of “violators of the convention.” This confirms that the Western world does not want to disconnect from Russian oil and is ready to put up with the fact that, in fact, Russian oil is present on the market.


– The USA, Great Britain, the European Union need imported oil products so much that they are ready to turn a blind eye to this, – he said on the airRadio KP» Deputy General Director of the National Energy Institute Alexander Frolov.

In his opinion, the US and Europe miscalculated in their forecasts by imposing an embargo on Russian oil and oil products.

“They expected that our production would continue to fall, and that it would drop by 30 percent or 3 million barrels per day, and in parallel with this, their Middle Eastern partners would begin to replace Russian volumes,” the expert continues. – And then – everything went wrong. Production stopped falling, and the Middle East refused to increase production at home.

After that, there was a risk that the American and European companies engaged in maritime transportation and having a dominant position in the world, this position will begin to lose.

“Their share will decrease, because a parallel structure of transportation will begin to build up, because Russian deliveries are a huge share of the world market,” the expert noted. – And it is possible that other suppliers, for example, the Saudis, will also move into this new structure of maritime oil transportation.

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