US kills al-Qaeda leader in Afghanistan – White House

White House says US military killed al-Qaeda leader Aymana Az-Zawahiri in Afghanistan. According to information, it was he who managed gang of terrorists after death Osama bin Laden.

“The United States conducted a high-precision counter-terrorist operation in Kabul at the direction of the American president. The operation was directed against the leader of Al-Qaeda * and led to his destruction,” the representatives of the American administration said at a briefing.

According to the information, none of the civilians were injured. As White House officials stressed, they did not notify the new Afghan government of the upcoming operation.

“We will not allow Afghanistan to become a” safe haven “for terrorists who can harm the United States and American citizens. On Saturday evening, we fulfilled this promise,” the White House concluded.

* A terrorist organization whose activities are prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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