US intelligence doubted the success of the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine in the near future

Successful promotion Russian-Ukrainian negotiations unlikely anytime soon, says U.S. director of national intelligence Avril Haynes.

“Given that both Russia and Ukraine believe they can continue to make military gains, we see no viable way forward through negotiations, at least in the short term,” Haynes said at a Armed Services committee hearing in the US congress.

According to the head of US national intelligence, in the coming months in Ukraine, events could develop in the direction of “greater unpredictability and potential escalation.”

As stated earlier by the Deputy Head of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexey Zaitsev, currently Russian-Ukrainian negotiations are in a state of stagnation. According to the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the statements made in Kyiv testify to the unwillingness of the Ukrainian authorities to continue negotiations.

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