US intelligence calculated Putin’s plans: “Donbass is the beginning”

Russia’s “victory” in Donbas could trigger Russian president’s “far-reaching” plans Vladimir Putinsaid the head of the US National Intelligence Avril Haynes. According to her, predicting Moscow’s next step in Ukrainian conflict difficult, but there are guesses.

As Haynes emphasized, the United States believes that the Donbass is far from being the ultimate “goal” of the Russian side.

“Even if they succeed, we are not sure that the fighting in the Donbass will actually end the war,” Haynes was quoted as saying before Congress. CNN.

According to an intelligence official, Moscow is potentially planning to expand a land bridge around the country’s southern step in Transnistria. In addition, Haynes stressed that the United States does not see a way to peacefully resolve the conflict, for example, through negotiations.

“Because both Russia and Ukraine believe they can continue to make progress militarily, we do not see a viable negotiating path,” the intelligence chief said.

However, despite the lobbied foreign media theme that Russia is allegedly preparing for a nuclear strike, Haynes said that intelligence does not believe in Moscow’s determination to take such a step.

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