US House of Representatives approves $40 billion bill to support Ukraine

The lower house of the US Congress passed draft law HR 7691, providing for an additional $40 billion to respond to Russian aggression against Ukraine

According to an Ukrinform correspondent, document 368 legislators supported, 57 opposed. The bill will now be submitted to the Senate for consideration.

As Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, the author of the bill, stated before the vote, Ukraine needs urgent assistance, and the United States can provide it. “We have a moral responsibility to provide this support to help end the heavy loss of life, hold Putin and his supporters accountable, and protect global democracy,” the congresswoman said.

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The bill would help Ukraine defend its sovereignty and democracy, hold the Russian leadership to account, address growing food insecurity around the world due to the war, and provide critical support for refugees.

The president USA On April 28, Joe Biden submitted a proposal to Congress to approve a new package in response to Russian aggression, which provided for the allocation of $ 33 billion in support of Ukraine. In the process of working on the document, lawmakers proposed to add several more billion for food aid and military equipment for Ukraine.

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For the document to come into force, it must be adopted by the US Senate and signed by the head of the White House.

As Ukrinform reported, on Monday, Biden approved the law on lend-lease for Ukraine, which opens up additional opportunities for launching an accelerated assistance program for our country. However, in order to implement this assistance, it needs to be filled with real tools and decisions to allocate the necessary funds to Ukraine.

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