US fears Zelensky’s flight from political scene – Klimov

US authorities do not trust Kyiv, fearing flight Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky from the political scene. This opinion was expressed by the Russian senator Andrey Klimov.

According to him, Washington forced Zelensky to betray the interests of his voters. As the senator explained, the president of Ukraine did not fulfill his election promises, “surrendered” the country to the United States, and refused to comply with the Minsk agreements. In addition, Klimov believes that Zelensky helped NATO unleash a hybrid war with the Russian Federation.

A member of the Federation Council is convinced that the current leader of Ukraine is a traitor by nature.

“The Anglo-Saxon secret services are not so much protecting the comedian who has played the president “from the Russians”, but rather from the fact that this showman does not drape ahead of time from the Ukrainian political scene,” Klimov said.

At the same time, he added that Zelensky had nowhere to run. The road is open to him only in captivity, the senator concluded.

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