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USA expanded sanctions against Russia. AT sanctions list included two individuals and four organizations from the Russian Federation. On Friday, July 29, reports the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Department of the Treasury (OFAC).

In particular, penalties were imposed against the head of the Center for Support and Development of Public Initiatives, Natalia Burlinova, and the founder of the Public Committee for the Detection of Foreign Interference, Alexander Ionov.

Besides, Washington sanctions aimed at organizations associated with Burlinova and Ionov – the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia (ADR), Ionov Transcontinental LLC and the Stop-Imperialism news agency (“Stop Imperialism”, SI), the Center for Support and Development of Public Initiatives “Creative Diplomacy”.

“The individuals and entities listed today have played various roles in Russia’s attempts to manipulate and destabilize the United States and its allies and partners, including Ukraine,” the US Treasury Department quoted Reuters as saying.

Charges of the US Department of Justice against Ionov

Meanwhile US Department of Justice on the same day charged Ionov in absentia with “organizing a long-term campaign of malicious influence.” The Russian used the ADR organization to conduct a campaign of Russian influence, Washington added. The Justice Department will not allow Russia to “sow discord and spread disinformation within the United States,” the department said.

Ionov’s complaints about Meduza and The Bell

At one time, Alexander Ionov was a member of the Moscow Public Monitoring Commission. He is known, in particular, for the fact that in the spring of 2021, based on his complaint sent to Roskomnadzor, Meduza was recognized as a “foreign agent”. In the fall of 2021, Ionov requested the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation to check the funding of The Bell online publication. The other day, Alexander Ionov confirmed to his intention to achieve recognition as a “foreign agent” of journalist Ksenia Sobchak.

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