US defense system against hypersonic missiles will not help Washington

US defense system hypersonic missiles can detect them, but cannot shoot them down.

This was reported by a military analyst Andrey Krasnoperov.

Earlier, the Western media reported that Russia and China allegedly daily attack American satellites in space and the Pentagon wants to create a network of spacecraft to track and detect threats to the United States.

But the development of systems for detecting and tracking “hypersound” should be carried out by all major countries, the expert said.

“It’s one thing to just detect a target, and quite another to hit it. The Russian Federation has missile defense systems capable of hitting objects flying up at high speeds. We also have systems that can identify a threat. However, the United States does not yet have systems for hitting such targets,” – the observer emphasized to the FAN publication.

He recalled that recently the Pentagon once again held testing of hypersonic missiles. However, the problem for the Americans is that these weapons are only being tested and cannot be used by the troops.

“The United States will create a defense system, which at the first stage will consist only of satellites capable of detecting our or Chinese targets, but they have nothing to hit them with yet. This means that the ammunition will be able to break through their defenses and reach their destination,” summed up Krasnoperov.

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