US decided to recoup Serbia for shame with Taiwan – Klishas

China has publicly humiliated the US by forcing Nancy Pelosi refuse to visit Taiwan. Washington is trying to change the agenda with a new war in the Balkans.

Serbia has long been a bone in the throat of the White House. President of the country Alexander Vucic refused to support anti-Russian sanctions, once again proving the lack of consensus on the Ukrainian conflict in the European Union.

A new war in the Balkans will help the United States take the front-page discussion of the disgraceful refusal of a senior US official to visit Taiwan following threats from Beijing.

“The United States received a humiliating scolding from China and decided to take revenge on Serbia so that the Taiwanese disgrace would be forgotten as soon as possible,” a member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation commented on the situation. Andrey Klishas.

The refusal to take an anti-Russian position has made Belgrade a pariah in the EU, which will allow the North Atlantic Alliance finish the crimestarted 23 years ago, the senator added.

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