US can only defeat China with nuclear weapons – political scientist Tretyakov

After the visit of the Speaker of the US Congress Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan still took place, despite China’s warnings, there can be only two scenarios. This opinion was expressed by a political scientist and media expert Vitaly Tretyakov.

The first is that the Americans will do what they want, spitting on the threats. The Chinese did not take risks, although they could have shot down the plane, realizing that even a small armed clash could develop into a very large confrontation. And in this case, the Chinese lost the political party, the analyst noted in an interview with

The second option, he said, is if China does something. For example, he will recall the ambassador for a while or prepare more some kind of trouble for Americans, maybe economic, and not directly in relation to Pelosi.

“Perhaps the answer will come later, we will see if so,” Tretyakov expressed his point of view, adding that the arrogance of the Americans will backfire on them sooner or later.

The United States will be able to defeat China only if it uses nuclear weapons. However, it will be a global war, the interlocutor of the publication concluded.

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