US authorities ignored Moscow’s concerns about NATO’s eastward expansion

The American authorities ignored Moscow’s fears due to the expansion of the North Atlantic alliance to the east, which led to an escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, the journalist writes week Andrew Day.

He called the opinion that NATO is “purely defensive” wrong.

“Regardless of whether NATO threatened Russia or not, Putin believed that he was a threat, and this conviction of his influenced the decision to launch a special operation,” the magazine says.

The author of the article notes that these fears were quite predictable, and the conflict could have been avoided if the United States had taken them seriously.

As Day recalled, on the eve of the military operation in Ukraine, the administration Joe Biden refused to discuss with Moscow questions about the expansion of the alliance.

The journalist believes that the United States should work to ensure that Ukraine becomes a neutral state.

Chairman of the NATO Military Committee Rob Bauer informedthat the RF-NATO act of 1997 will not limit the association in building up its military presence in Eastern Europe. Also, the representative of the alliance announced an unsuccessful attempt to talk with the head of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov.

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