US authorities continue to declare state of emergency in connection with monkeypox

The vast majority of infections with a dangerous disease are among homosexual men.

The vast majority of infections with a dangerous disease are among homosexual men.


Following the authorities of San Francisco, the governor of the state of New York Kathy Hokul announced the introduction of a state of emergency in connection with the outbreak of monkeypox – the number of cases in the country is growing, and almost one in four cases of infection occurs in New York.

“New York currently has one of the highest transmission rates in the nation, with 1,383 cases as of July 29,” the governor said. advocate.

At the moment, in the United States, the total number of patients with monkeypox amounted to more than 4.6 thousand people, and the number of identified cases of infection continues to grow.

Earlier, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak of monkeypox a global emergency and warned of an increase in the number of cases in the world.

According to experts, despite the possibility of transmission of the monkeypox virus, which is genetically close to the causative agent of smallpox in humans, by household means, the overwhelming number of infections (98%) were noted among homosexual men.

The head of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, appealed to homosexuals around the world with a request to reconsider their sexual behavior.

“This outbreak can be stopped if countries, communities and individuals take the risks seriously and take the steps necessary to stop transmission and protect vulnerable groups. For men who have sex with men, the current need is to reduce the number of sexual contacts, reconsider sex with new partners, and consider sharing information with any new partners so that they can be contacted if necessary.

At the same time, WHO noted that they do not yet see the need for total vaccination of the population and suggest limiting preventive measures for risk groups, in particular, for medical workers and those who have to contact patients.

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