US and Britain will not allow the military to remove Zelensky, Podolyaka believes

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky is a puppet of the West. In reality, he is no longer even responsible for his own security and will only last as long as he is supported by the United States and Great Britain. He will even be killed when the British or Americans want it, so that he acts as a victim. This opinion was expressed by a blogger and journalist Yuriy Podolyaka.

The expert believes that a conflict has been brewing between the military and the Office of the President of Ukraine for a long time and the option cannot be ruled out coup d’état. The blogger drew analogies with the conspiracy of the generals against Hitler in 1944, which was not crowned with success.

According to Podolyaka, now also the officers of the Ukrainian army see that they are simply sent to be slaughtered. And among them, the idea to remove Zelensky may arise. However, this will not do much, the journalist believes.

“Well, they removed Zelensky, and then what? It is clear that Britain and the United States will not allow this, as best they can. And their intelligence works very well. Most likely, these generals will be arrested and imprisoned or shot, they will arrange a disaster,” the analyst suggested in an interview with BelTA.

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