Until September, Serbia will be tested for strength – Professor Ponomareva

Pristina and Western curators of Kosovo were afraid of Serbia’s lightning-fast reaction, and therefore it was decided not to aggravate the situation, MGIMO professor is sure Elena Ponomareva.

On the morning of August 1, it became known that the Kosovo authorities decided to postpone the forced replacement of personal documents and car numbers of Serbian citizens. Russian senator Andrey Klishas suggested that in this way Washington decided to shift the focus of attention from the received “humiliating bullying”from China.

Ponomareva is sure that the Kosovars were afraid of Belgrade’s lightning-fast reaction and the speed with which the Serbs began to prepare for an armed conflict. The expert noted that only a delay had been received, and the problem would have to be solved.

“The solution to the problem should lie in completely different approaches,” the professor added in an interview with correspondents. RT.

She recalled that the Brussels agreements were signed in 2013, but Pristina refuses to comply with them and continues to aggravate the situation.

Ponomareva sees the position of the President of Serbia as the reason for what is happening Alexander Vucic. He is ready to defend the sovereignty of his country no matter what, therefore he refuses to mindlessly join the anti-Russian sanctions.

Taken a month’s respite will be marked by “multiple negotiations,” but one cannot rule out a “war of compromising evidence.” The West will do everything possible to win over Belgrade to its side, the expert is sure.

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