Unprecedented excitement: on July 29, 2022, $ 1 billion will be played in the USA

On Friday evening, lucky numbers will be announced in the US, which may enrich the owner of one of the MegaMillion lottery tickets by $ 1 billion.

For several weeks now, many Americans have been trying their luck, hoping to break fantastic, ever-increasing sums. But so far no one has succeeded.

As a result, the jackpot is now $1,025,000. If the winner still breaks the jackpot today alone, he will be able to receive after taxes $ 602.5 million. Or a little more if you agree to monthly payments.

The billionth jackpot is the third largest in the history of the MegaMillions lottery in the United States. People are storming kiosks, shops, cafes and gas stations – all the possible places where you can fill out a lottery ticket or trust a machine to randomly select numbers. The cost of one round is $2, writes CNN.

But, we have to admit, the chances of the average “player” are small: mathematicians have calculated that the chance of winning the main prize is about 1 in 292 million. Which is very far, for example, from the chance of freezing to death (such a probability is 1 in 6045) or dying from the heat (1 in 8248).

The probability of being struck by lightning is estimated at 1 in 15,300, and death from shark teeth is 1 in 264 million. By the way, you can be attacked by a shark without ending your life in its mouth with much greater frequency: such a “chance” falls to one in 11.5 million people.

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