Universal Pictures has unveiled the trailer for Fabelmans

Universal Pictures has unveiled the trailer for Fabelmans, which is based on the childhood memories of director Steven Spielberg . The video was published on the YouTube channel of the company.

The trailer begins with seven-year-old Sammy Fabelman (Mateo Zorion Francis-Deford) making his first film, the sequel to The Lumiere Brothers’ Train Arriving at La Ciotat. Although even before that, Sammy is afraid of the dark cinema, but then his father explains to him the process of making films, and his mother says that “cinema is dreams come true.”

Much of the tape shows Sammy as a teenager (Gabriel LaBelle) who is becoming an increasingly experienced director. He opposes his father’s statements that cinema is just a hobby, clearly realizing that this is his life’s work.

“Spielberg shows us the process of making his very first film, his inspirations and moments of life that influenced him. Sammy also films his family in a way that no one else can see them,” writes The Collider.

The cast of the film included Michelle Williams , Paul Dano , Seth Rogen, Jenny Berlin and others. Spielberg co-wrote the script for the film with screenwriter Tony Kushner (Lincoln, Munich). In addition, Spielberg worked with David Lynch for the first time in it.

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