Universal allowance for low-income families: who is entitled and when they will be paid

The new allowance will combine a number of existing payments,

The new allowance will combine a number of existing payments,

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New allowance will combine a number of existing paymentsincluding payments that are provided in connection with the birth or adoption of a child and until he reaches three years of age, as well as for children from 3 to 7 years and from 8 to 17 years.

As told Mishustinthe new allowance will also be awarded to needy women who are registered in the early stages of pregnancy.

– The state will provide unified, comprehensive, targeted support – from the early stages of a woman’s pregnancy and as the child grows up. It will affect families with about 10 million children, Mishustin said.

The universal allowance will be provided to families with incomes below one subsistence level per person, using a comprehensive means assessment. The amount of the allowance will be 50.75 or 100% of the regional subsistence minimum. On average across the country in 2023, this will amount to 7 thousand, 10.5 thousand and 14 thousand rubles.

In addition, an additional direction for the use of maternity capital funds is being introduced – families with an income below 2 living wages per person will be able to apply for a monthly payment in the amount of 1 living wage per child, regardless of the child’s birth order. Now this right is only for the second child.

1.7 trillion rubles will be allocated for the payment of the universal allowance. Thanks to the decision, the amount of payments for needy pregnant women will be increased. It will not be 50% of the subsistence minimum, as it is now, but 50, 75 or 100% of the subsistence minimum of the able-bodied. As a result, the amount of payment will increase to 15.7 thousand rubles on average in the country.

Mishustin recalled that now parents, pregnant women who find themselves in a difficult financial situation, can receive monthly financial assistance from the state, depending on the individual financial situation and age of the child.

To apply for universal benefits, you will need to submit only one application. There is no need to collect additional information. Application can be made through government services portal and personally – through the MFC or the Pension and Social Insurance Fund.

The main issue at the government meeting was the draft federal budget for next year and the next three years, which is now being amended. According to Mishustin, the budget for the next three years will be in deficit. At the same time, all social obligations to the Russians will be fulfilled. According to the head of the Ministry of Finance Anton Siluanov, government borrowings will become the main source of covering the deficit. The use of funds from the National Welfare Fund (NWF) to cover the budget deficit will be minimal.

According to Mishustin, when preparing the budget, the government took into account all possible risks, including tougher sanctions.

The volume of budget revenues in 2023 will amount to over 26 trillion rubles. This is less than this year, but significantly more than in 2021, when the economy was affected by the pandemic. The draft budget prepared by the government assumes a transition to economic growth in 2024 at the level of 2%.

Mishustin also said that the budget provides for a 10% increase in the cost of free healthcare (within the CHI system).

– Increased funding to maintain the sustainable operation of regional hospitals and polyclinics. Public investment in the provision of high-tech treatment, including in federal clinics, will increase. Significant amounts have been allocated for in-depth medical examinations and rehabilitation programs, Mishustin noted.

The Prime Minister also said that the Cabinet of Ministers will consider the issue of allocating funds for partial mobilization. Mishustin instructed his deputy Dmitry Chernyshenko to organize informing the population on mobilization issues using the Explain.rf portal.

“So that everyone can get answers to their questions,” Mishustin said.

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