“United Russia” will take patronage over the families of servicemen involved in a special military operation in Ukraine

Families of all servicemen who participate in a special military operation will be able to receive assistance at United Russia receptions. Including those who were called up as part of partial mobilization or went to the front as a volunteer, noted Deputy Secretary of the General Council, head of public receptions of the party Anna Kuznetsova.

“After the decree on partial mobilization was issued, deputies of United Russia in the State Duma, in the regions, our public reception offices receive a lot of requests on a variety of issues – from clarifying the criteria for mobilization to violations faced by people, families with children,the politician said. – There are many specific situations that require an individual approach, including issues of families with children, including large families, with children with disabilities. Public reception parties work out incoming applications in coordination with the Ministry of Defense, executive authorities of the regions.

Special attention in the reception of the party is paid to the observance of the norms established by law and social guarantees for such families.

“The support formats that are being worked out in the State Duma today should be expanded and their implementation should be closely monitored. These are bills concerning the preservation of jobs, ensuring social rights and maximum guarantees for the mobilized. Each family should be given maximum attention in their implementation.she noted.

Also Anna Kuznetsova stressed that it is important to help organize social support for the families of the mobilized.

“Public reception parties not only accept appeals, but also analyze problematic issues that in the current situation require systemic solutions, changes in legislation,” concluded the deputy secretary of the General Council of United Russia.

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