“United Russia” will protect the rights of deceived equity holders

United Russia, together with the Ministry of Construction and the Territorial Development Fund, will monitor the implementation by the regions of road maps for problematic facilities. This will prevent the disruption of the instructions of the President of the country to solve the problem of deceived equity holders by the end of 2023, said head of the party working group for the protection of the rights of equity holders, State Duma deputy Alexander Yakubovsky.


Legislative decisions of United Russia have already helped to ensure full protection of citizens’ funds in shared construction. The number of appeals related to illegal actions of developers and unfinished buildings is steadily declining. If in 2021 it was almost 6 thousand, then in the first half of 2022 it was only 1.8 thousand.

“We constantly receive feedback and promptly respond to new attempts by developers to default on their obligations. The results are, among other things, 22 new criminal cases, 4 criminal cases initiated due to newly discovered circumstances. We managed to prevent the appropriation of 463 apartments by affiliated companies, preventing damage to the budget by more than 1.5 billion rubles,” – said Alexander Yakubovsky at a meeting of the working group on the protection of the rights of equity holders.

According to him, now a large number of applications are related to the search for appraisers who make decisions on recognizing an object as a long-term construction.

“In order to speed up decision-making on problematic facilities and restore the rights of citizens, it is advisable to transfer the right to conduct a procedure for assessing the construction readiness of problematic facilities to the Territorial Development Fund”, – thinks Alexander Yakubovsky.

In addition, the United Russia working group received a number of complaints about fraud in the acquisition of apartments under an assignment agreement. In this area, additional legislative regulation is required so that the money of citizens is reliably protected.


“We are now checking this situation in one of the southern regions, we will send all the materials to the Prosecutor General’s Office. But we believe that it is necessary to extend the ban on raising funds in any indirect way from individuals under assignment agreements – only through Rosreestr, with full control and responsibility for unfulfilled obligations to replenish escrow accounts. The President the day before yesterday at the State Council focused on ensuring the security of citizens’ funds, and we need to quickly close such loopholes,”emphasized the deputy.

He also said that “United Russia” has already developed and submitted a bill to more quickly resolve the rights of deceived equity holders. It gives the Territorial Development Fund the right to change the decision on the completion of the facility for the payment of compensation in the event that it is impossible to complete the facility due to legal restrictions. The payment of reimbursements will allow direct funds to deceived equity holders.

Deputy General Director of the Territorial Development Fund Natalya Lyusikova noted that the Fund will transfer information to United Russia on the regions where there is a backlog in the implementation of road maps, for the organization of parliamentary control. She also supported United Russia’s initiative to transfer to the Fund the right to assess the construction readiness of problematic facilities.

“We hope that in this session these norms will be adopted. For at least 200 objects, this will make it possible to restore the rights of citizens. Thank you very much that United Russia is dealing with this issue and is actively helping us,” – said Natalia Lyusikova.

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