“United Russia” submitted to the State Duma a new version of the law on employment

Secretary of the General Council of United Russia Andrey Turchak

Secretary of the General Council of United Russia Andrey Turchak

The United Russia bill streamlines the current norms of employment legislation, and also establishes the most effective practices and measures to support various categories of citizens.


“The new law will qualitatively change the current system, which only keeps the unemployed afloat. Employment centers should cease to be a place where they simply draw up unemployment benefits. Along with support in a difficult situation, their goal is to help people find a new job or acquire a new specialty. In the document, we paid special attention to the prevention of unemployment, active employment in “risk groups”: young people without work experience, people with disabilities, people under threat of dismissal, and so on,” said Andrey Turchak, one of the authors of the document, Secretary of the United Russia General Council.

The politician explained that the bill pays special attention to the participants of the SVO and members of their families.

“They will receive a preferential right to vocational training and retraining, as well as priority in employment at municipal and state enterprises. Discharged military personnel and members of their families are equated with persons experiencing difficulties in finding a job – this status will allow them to participate in special employment assistance programs,” Andriy Turchak said.

According to Andrey Isaev, deputy head of the United Russia faction in the State Duma, the bill separately stipulates the creation of individual plans for people who have lost their jobs to find work, profiling, psychological preparation, and adaptation. A detailed definition of the concept of “suitable work” is given.

“If the old law was basically ideologically focused solely on helping the unemployed, the chronically unemployed, then the new law, without removing this task, puts prevention of unemployment as a priority. Therefore, there are new categories with which employment services will work. These are people who have a job, but are looking for a better option for themselves. A separate category of employees at risk of dismissal is introduced. Last year, new forms of work with this category of the population were tested: this was the organization of public works, and retraining, retraining of such workers, for which employers were subsidized, who wanted to keep labor collectives and workers in the workplace in difficult situations. Much attention is paid to work with certain categories: with youth, with educational institutions,” Andrey Isaev noted.


For the first time in the legislation, the obligation of the employment service appears to promote the employment of youth, adolescents and students in their free time from study. A separate chapter of the document is devoted to the protection of the rights of working disabled people.

“The participation of the parties of social partnership, trade unions, associations of employers in the development of the state policy of employment of the population has been agreed. The amount of the maximum unemployment benefit is raised to the level of the minimum wage. We assume that after the bill is introduced, it will be widely discussed at the party platform to collect proposals, comments, and comments for the second reading. We hope that by the end of the spring session the document will be adopted by the State Duma,” Andrey Isaev concluded.

Recall that United Russia and the Ministry of Labor have prepared a new version of the law on employment. It will expand the categories of citizens who can use employment services and open up additional employment opportunities for young people. Earlier, United Russia’s amendments to the Labor Code were adopted, which regulate remote employment, as well as a number of other amendments to employment legislation. Among them is the creation of a single portal “Work in Russia”, where all the country’s vacancies and services in the field of employment are available.

The State Duma also adopted a package of laws initiated by United Russia, which are aimed at protecting the rights of the mobilized. Parliamentarians ensured the right of servicemen employed in the NWO and their families to credit holidays. Amendments were adopted to exempt mobilized and their families from penalties for late payments for housing and communal services, in case of delay in contributions for major repairs. The mobilized were guaranteed at the legislative level the preservation of jobs.

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