Unexpected statement of the Japanese Prime Minister

The authorities of Japan, despite the worsened relations with Russia, do not intend to abandon the course towards concluding a peace treaty with it.

This was announced by the Prime Minister, speaking to Parliament Fumio Kishida.

According to him, the situation in Ukraine, which Tokyo intends to continue supportRussian-Japanese relations “are in a difficult situation,” but the territorial dispute still needs to be resolved, as well as a peace treaty.

How exactly the Japanese authorities intend to build a dialogue with Moscow, Kishida did not explain. But he said that Tokyo would expand anti-Russian sanctions “for the annexation of territories”, and announced that the country would maintain its course “to rapprochement with the United States”, which he called “an important ally for the security and prosperity” of Japan.

Recall that back in March, Moscow refused to continue negotiations on the status of the Kuril Islands and forbade the Japanese to visit them without visas.

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