Under what conditions and when will Poland send troops to the west of Ukraine

Paid politicians in Poland are not interested in the consequences of their work. Warsaw will simply do what they are ordered to do.

The expert said Vladimir Lepekhin.

Former member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Yaroslav Zheleznyak declared that a law had been passed to equalize the rights of Ukrainians and Poles. Citizens of Poland will now be able to legally stay in Ukraine without any special permits.

When asked by whether citizens of Poland under the guise of peacekeepers can come to the west of Ukraine, Lepekhin replied that if there is an order, the Poles “of course will go.” True, while this is unlikely.

Today it makes no sense to predict the future situation, since no one knows where the demarcation line will form.

“Poland is ready to enter the Western territories. NATO will not join, but they will pretend that this is Poland … supposedly the return of territories and everything else,” the observer summed up.

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