umbrellas-canes are in fashion as from the 17th century

Forecasters promise the Russians a rainy summer. According to stylist and designer Anna Skorokhodova, on the wave of fashion not only practical umbrellas that will shelter from bad weather, but also openwork ones, like those worn by ladies in the 19th century.

Among other things, according to the stylist, the umbrella is at the peak of popularity this summer, regardless of its purpose.

“At the peak of popularity, if we talk about the most trendy palettes, there is an umbrella-cane. It looks very elegant, even a little bit like it is from the 17th century. Such an umbrella fits raincoats, voluminous top jackets with voluminous sleeves, that is, under elegant classic images with a twist,” the designer explained in an interview with Radio 1.

If you are not attracted by the “palace fashion”, then this summer’s trend is bright prints that will complement the image:

  • cell,
  • polka dots,
  • lines.

True, with prints you can spoil the image, therefore, choosing bright umbrellathe main style of clothing is desirable to withstand in soothing colors.

“It is important to understand what we will combine them with. So that the print on the clothes does not interrupt the print on the umbrella. In this combination, it is important to choose something important,” the stylist concluded.

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