Ukrenergo plans to increase the volume of available electricity grid crossing between Ukraine and the EU

NPC “Ukrenergo” plans to regularly increase the volume of available intersection of electricity networks between our country and the European Union. Today it is 250 MW.

This was announced by the head of the company Volodymyr Kudrytsky during a briefing in Ukrinform on the topic “Preparing for winter: financing coal reserves and increasing electricity exports to the EU”.

“Ukrenergo will finance the creation of a strategic coal reserve this winter. This will allow us to provide electricity to our consumers during the heating season, keep the volumes of electricity exports that we currently have, and, if possible, increase them. We are not going to stop at 250 MW. And we plan to regularly, every month, expand these opportunities,” he stressed.

The head of the company specified that Ukrainian electricity producers will be able to earn more on exports to finance repairs and purchase coal for the next heating season. After all, prices on the European electricity market are much higher than on the Ukrainian one.

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As reported, at the end of July, ENTSO-E more than doubled the available volume of interstate crossings for the export/import of electricity between Ukraine and Europe. From July 28, the volume of available electricity grid crossing is 250 MW (previously 100 MW). The first day of delivery is July 30th. This crossing will be shared equally between Romania and Slovakia.

Also, NPC Ukrenergo will finance the creation of a strategic coal reserve by providing SE Ukrugol with an interest-free loan of UAH 2.5 billion to purchase the corresponding raw materials at a market price.

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