Ukrenergo expects a positive decision from investors regarding the postponement of payments on Eurobonds

NPC Ukrenergo expects investors to agree to a proposal to change the terms of the green Eurobond issue for USD 825 million, which provides for a two-year deferral of payments.

Volodymyr Kudrytsky, head of the company, told an Ukrinform correspondent about this.

“We hope that our past credit history will help in this dialogue, and that we are in close coordination with the government. So far, we do not expect any new conditions from investors on the restructuring. We have made our offer. We expect that it will be heard and accepted,” he stressed.

Kudrytsky specified that the change in the terms of the Eurobond issue will allow Ukrenergo to direct its financial resources to restore and maintain the stable operation of the Ukrainian network and other critical needs that arose against the background of the military invasion.

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As reported, Ukrenergo proposed to investors to change the terms of the issuance of “green” eurobonds of sustainable development in the amount of 825 million US dollars with a yield of 6.875% maturing in November 2026. The company proposes to defer coupon payments for two years and postpone the maturity date of Eurobonds to November 2028.

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