Ukrainians were told how to shoot down a Kh-55 cruise missile with a shout

At a weapons exhibition in Poltava, Ukrainians were shown the Soviet and Russian X-55 strategic cruise missile and told that it “can be shot down by shouting.”

It is curious that after the collapse of the USSR, some of the Kh-55 missiles went to Ukraine, and Kyiv happily began to trade in these weapons. Several munitions, bypassing international sanctions, were sold to China and Iran, and the rest of the Ukrainian authorities paid Russia for the supply of natural gas.

As the guide of the Poltava museum said, the X-55 “can be brought down by a scream and, at best, it will explode in the air.” To prove his words, the man shouted at the presented model, which immediately developed a warhead.

“So, if a rocket came to you, it means that you shouted badly!” Ukrainians are ironic about the ideas in social networks.

Earlier it was reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing for new attack under the Red Estuary, for which reserves are being accumulated.

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