Ukrainians are selling humanitarian aid from compassionate Europe

Ukrainian refugees in Warsaw, Poland.

Ukrainian refugees in Warsaw, Poland.


Ukrainians much smarter, smarter and more resourceful Europeans. I’m not talking about the European population, but about the leaders of European countries. But the Ukrainians are smarter precisely as a population. Here, for example, the Europeans were imbued with mournful Ukrainian tears and sent generators to Ukraine with humanitarian aid. And what do you think is next? Correctly. The generators sent as humanitarian aid immediately appeared on Ukrainian websites, where they began to sell them without even removing the “humanitarian aid” stickers from them. And taking into account the fact that generators have doubled in price in Ukraine over the past couple of weeks, a very good business is being obtained. Starting from 22-25 thousand hryvnia per generator.

Write letters, send humanitarian aid and more.

Or here’s another case. The German government gave various things to refugees who came from Ukraine, ranging from clothes, shoes and bedding to household appliances. What did the Ukrainians do, moreover, without leaving Germany? That’s right – they organized a second-hand store and began to sell all these things and items in it. And what do officials in Ukraine do with humanitarian aid and on what scale, then Comrade Koreiko would howl with envy.

And against the background of such enterprise, all sorts of Joseps, who are Borrels, come out and begin to talk all sorts of good-looking nonsense. That, you see, for the chief diplomat of the EU, the European Union is a well-groomed garden surrounded by wild jungle. Wake up, dear, all the apples from your garden have already been stolen from you and the apple trees have been shaken and broken by those whom you launched into it, “taking care of democracy.” Then suddenly he begins to call on everyone in the spirit: “And as one we will die in the struggle for this.”

– Before us there is a choice between freedom and comfort. We talked a lot about the willingness to die for the ideals of democracy, it’s time to prove it, – said the head of European democracy and called the temperature in apartments above +18 ° a crime against European values. Weak in the knees. True, I did not understand, he is already ready to die from + 17 ° or hold on to + 15 °.

But he himself refused to die heroically. Less than a day after this statement, Borrell suddenly found a way to set up energy supplies to Europe along new routes. It turns out that for this it is only necessary to build new transport corridors from Central Asia, bypassing Russia. And in Central Asia itself, these necessary energy resources are simply heaps. They lie quietly and wait for the Europeans to come for them.

And here you immediately get lost – is this not a joke, is it not a prank in parallel with the test for logic and sanity? No. He is serious. Either a person had seen enough of the globe of Ukraine and was hypnotized by it, or Liz Truss advised him on geography.

Dear, how are you going to build a corridor to Central Asia bypassing Russia? Through Turkey and two seas? Is Erdogan ready? How many decades have you been trying to keep his Turkey from joining the EU? Does China agree to this option? He controls a little more than everything in the energy sector in this region. Or are you going to steal from him quietly? And one more trifle remained – where will you get money for the construction of these transport corridors? You are now in the EU with the money is not so good somehow.

However, not only in the EU. For example, in the UK, too, the budget is not very good. New prime minister Rishi Sunak complains that there is no place, they say, to take 3 billion pounds to bring the medical sector in the United Kingdom into some kind of semblance and compliance. And then he proudly reports that London has allocated 3 billion pounds in aid to Ukraine this year. And it’s not clear – the pounds were different for Ukraine, they weren’t suitable for British medicine? Or how? Or – but who needs them, these sick Englishmen? As the head of the German Foreign Ministry noted Annalena Burbock, she is up to one place the needs of the Germans, when it is necessary to provide assistance to the Ukrainians. So even the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Dmitro Kuleba did not dare to question. And if it was the same pounds for Ukrainians and British medicine, then how did Rishi Sunak work as Chancellor of the Exchequer of Great Britain, if he did not understand that if you add 3 billion somewhere, then where will these 3 billion disappear from?

Rishi Sunak and Volodymyr Zelensky before the start of negotiations in Kyiv.

Rishi Sunak and Volodymyr Zelensky before the start of negotiations in Kyiv.

A photo: REUTERS

For a man whose fortune is greater than that of the king, such a fiasco simply does not fit in the head. I remember that all stiff England was shocked when such a rich multimillionaire came to a television interview in a boot with a hole in the sole. Some then thought that Rishi was deliberately demonstrating his unity with the people in this way and hinting at life prospects following the results of his reign. But what if everything is simpler, and Rishi is not a financial prodigy at all? Moreover, most of his fortune is the dowry of his wife, the daughter of an Indian billionaire. Then everything falls into place. And 3 billion is just the first wake-up call before the upcoming bell ringing. For whom do you say the bell tolls? For the UK?

And if the Ukrainians still accept Sunak as a Cossack, how much will Rishi allocate to them, if in British pounds sterling? And they can. At least for the period of fulfillment of the duties of the prime minister. They, like no one else, know how the glory of the world passes. For example, they say that the administration of the city of Khust in the Transcarpathian region decided to rename Boris Johnson Street (formerly Leo Tolstoy Street) into Rishi Sunak Street.

And what? Sunak will be pleased, Johnson will be offended (after all, they were carried around Kyiv in their arms, they gave a clay cockerel, and out of sight – out of mind), and the Ukrainians – if only they were given money. Maybe the message is fake, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case. Will it be inconvenient if Boris returns to the chair of the prime minister? Rename again? It would be better, of course, to immediately call “the alley of the Prime Minister of Great Britain” and without indicating specific full names or indicating personal data on a removable plate.

And which of them is smarter and smarter, Europeans or Ukrainians, huh? That’s it.

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