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Kommersant reported that Russian courts began to cancel decisions on the deportation of Ukrainians

Kommersant reported that Russian courts began to cancel decisions on the deportation of Ukrainians

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Today, by law, anyone who comes to Russia without a visa can stay here for 90 days. On the 91st, be kind – go home. This also applies to refugees from Ukraine. But after the start of the special operation, their expulsion became impossible. As a result, hundreds of people hung in pre-trial detention centers and temporary detention centers awaiting deportation.

Now the courts have begun to issue them. True, while it is a few dozen people. As he writes “Kommersant” with reference to human rights activists of the Moscow Helsinki Group, the decision to deport at least 21 people from temporary detention near Moscow was canceled, another 30 people were released in St. Petersburg. For the rest, the bailiff service is still “considering the possibility of filing applications with the courts.”

At the same time, not everyone is released – there are cases when the court does not see the reason why deportation is impossible, there are questions from the FSB for some illegal immigrants.

On the one hand, the law is the law. It must be fulfilled. Only the fact that the current laws that do not keep pace with the passage of time are simply disastrous for those who consider Russia their home has not been canceled.

So, in 2016, the story of a militiaman from the LPR slipped into Russia Vladimir Veklich with the callsign “Serb”. He overstayed his stay in Russia for two weeks and fell into the hands of the St. Petersburg police. Vladimir was lucky – he was repulsed by the forces of journalists and social activists. How many have been deported?

Moreover, a Russian court can even extradite a person at the request of Ukraine! And it’s not a joke.

The fate of the tanker from the DPR Alexander Kostin is known. The Ukrainian police put him on the wanted list for robbery. Our people saluted him and detained him right at the Domodedovo airport. The guy was not expelled just because there was a media hype.

“Our law enforcement agencies are experiencing a lot of formal difficulties,” he said. Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian Integration and Relations with Compatriots Alexander Boroday. – On the one hand, we do not have a state of war with Ukraine, but only a special operation that we are conducting on the territory of Ukraine. Formally, all arrangements and agreements of a legal nature that were concluded earlier are valid.

These formalities have long worn the teeth of Russian human rights activists. According to them, dozens of anti-Maidan activists and militias have been expelled to the territory of Ukraine over the past 8 years. Many of which were simply tortured and killed in Ukrainian dungeons. This happened to activist Marina Menshikova – she was deported from Crimea in February 2018. After that, the woman died in a Ukrainian pre-trial detention center.

In addition, every illegal immigrant sent to Ukraine is a killer of Russian soldiers, Alexander Borodai says:

– A regime of total mobilization is operating in Ukraine. So everyone we give away will get in line to fight against the Russian army. There is a situation of legal incident.

According to Kommersant, the Federal Bailiff Service of Russia raised the issue of canceling the deportation of all “illegal immigrants” from Ukraine held in Russia. Time will tell how their issue will be resolved.

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