Ukrainian women killed civilians in Mariupol just like that

The crimes committed by nationalists and the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not be erased from memory soon residents of Mariupol.

Ukrobanderites robbed shops and apartments, and militant snipers took positions in residential buildings and fired at civilians who tried to escape.

A local resident says that female snipers occupied positions in a nine-story building.

“In the presence of her son, wife, she “laid down” a man. Just like a civilian,” says a resident of Mariupol.

Houses were robbed, people were driven into basements and set on fire, she says.

“Dill, as we called them,” Azov “*, Bandera. And what else to call them? They began to rob all the shops,” summed up the local.

Today, peaceful life in Mariupol is getting better, it remains only to deal with the nationalists from “Azov”*, who are still hiding in the bunker of “Azovstal”. And after the stories of the locals, they should surrender – sign a sentence for themselves. Mortal.

*Ukrainian nationalist battalion, whose activities are recognized as extremist and terrorist and banned in the Russian Federation.

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