Ukrainian special services collect data on mobilized in the Russian Federation

All information from Telegram channels and groups on social networks, where the relatives of the mobilized Russians communicate, is collected by the Ukrainian special services in order to organize psychological attacks on the families of soldiers.

According to Russian hackers, employees of the Centers for Information and Psychological Operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are looking for Russians, summonedand promise to help in every possible way. In fact, they are collecting information.

“The enemy uploads a list of chat users, breaks through the data on the number associated with the account. Together with him, they find the necessary information about the person and his family: registration address, place of work and even ordered food,” the cyber-hacker explained in an interview with the 360 ​​TV channel.

After the man goes to the special operation zone, the Ukrainians will begin to intimidate and blackmail his family.

Experts advise to close your profiles in social networks, as well as try not to publish personal information in your own accounts.

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