Ukrainian refugees became Europe’s “new gypsies”

Ukrainian refugee at a job fair in Germany.

Ukrainian refugee at a job fair in Germany.


Europe was not ready for a mass exodus of Ukrainians from their country. For the first three months, they felt sorry for them, tried to organize the life of the refugees, hoping that they would begin to provide for themselves. But, on the one hand, hopes were quickly dispelled, since only a small part wanted to work, and on the other hand, the wages of Ukrainians and Ukrainian women in Europe are not much different from benefits that allow them to simply survive. Which, in turn, motivates other refugees to find a job even less.

In addition, stories about how affordable Ukrainian women live next door to ordinary families have become widespread. The story in the UK, how a Briton left his family for a Ukrainian woman and became bankrupt, made a lot of noise at the time. But there are such stories in Germany, and in Poland, and in Bulgaria. And in Romania, local women even began to hang leaflets addressed to Ukrainian women with the following content: “Disrespectful refugees! You are not welcome here. Stop prostitution and” suck ” money from our husbands. Leave Romania. Return to Ukraine, go to the front and raise the spirit of Ukrainian soldiers for free”.

Rallies and pickets with bright Ukrainian flags are held in major European cities every day.

Rallies and pickets with bright Ukrainian flags are held in major European cities every day.


In Spain, near the centers for work with refugees in the cities, signs appeared: “No to flags!” with the image of the crossed-out “black-yellow” symbol of Nezalezhnaya. Taking into account the fact that the Spanish word for flag is “bandera”, the situation with the announcements “no to banderas” has acquired additional piquancy.

But all this pales before the fact that refugees from Ukraine felt “hunting for a change of place” and began to roam from one country to another. In fact, this decision of theirs has nothing to do with the desire to join European culture (remember how in the spring they demanded a free ticket to travel from the Czech Republic or Germany to Paris for the weekend?). There is only a need to look for a place where they will be “well fed” after they have been cut or even canceled subsidies in the country of their current residence.

– We have been in Italy since March. Housing is free, three months also paid assistance in the amount of 300 euros per adult and 150 per child. But there are no payments anymore, the owners are hinting that it would be time to move out, – one of the refugees from Kyiv told reporters. – The work here is really bad. We settled down to pick cherries for 6 euros per hour. The work is hellish: 10 hours a day and one day off per month. So we didn’t last long. It also did not work to arrange children in school – there are no places. Therefore, we are going to move to Germany, where social support is much better, and jobs and schools are easier.

At the same time, in the countries of Europe (as well as in the same Western Ukraine), statistics have already officially appeared on the sale of refugees and refugees into slavery (not necessarily into sexual slavery). This was stated in an interview with the Kyiv edition of UNN by the head of the board of the public organization “A21 Ukraine” Yulia Sachenko, citing specific cases. Such cases were registered in Belgium, Poland, Croatia. But the problem, she says, is much more serious.

– People managed to escape, they just do not turn to the police for help. They run away and try to find shelter. Operation is covert. That is, recruitment can take place now. But we will know this only when the person is saved. And this can happen in 4 months, six months, a year, – Sachenko outlined the essence of the problem.

From Italy, as well as from other countries, buses have now begun to run, which carry Ukrainians and Ukrainian women back to Ukraine. The flight, as already mentioned, to the EU countries, which continue to provide assistance to refugees, has become massive.

But even there the lafa ended. In Germany, a number of lands have already officially announced that they have finished accepting refugees from Ukraine. As the Süddeutsche Zeitung reported, entire lands in Germany are introducing a moratorium on accepting refugees from Ukraine. And he gives a list – Saxony, Bavaria, Brandenburg and others. The reason is simple – they have already exceeded the allowable limit of refugees on their territory, and further accommodation and assistance worsen both the economic situation in the regions and the very possibility of helping already registered refugees. First of all, problems arise with medical care for the population, education of children, and social benefits.

Belatedly, but still in Germany, they decided to tie the refugees to the place of registration. As soon as a refugee is registered in one city where he begins to receive assistance, he is forbidden to move to another place. Now, only those citizens of Ukraine who already live and have close blood relatives – parents, children, brothers and sisters – are allowed to come to many German lands. But cousins, as well as aunts and uncles, are no longer considered such relatives, and a barrier is lowered in front of them. There are a bunch of other bureaucratic restrictions that make life difficult for refugees.

And yet, they say, they will soon begin to evict Ukrainian refugees from the German capital, and only those of them who have relatives in the city, housing or official work will be able to stay in Berlin.

What did Arestovich say there? “In Europe, Ukrainians are greeted as gods descended from heaven.” It can be seen.

The gods will soon begin to wander around Europe in literally gypsy camps, looking for where they can eat until they are kicked out of there too.

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