Ukrainian politicians were dumbfounded by ridiculous statements: About the main military secret of Russia and gas for rent

For example, Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmygal issued a pearl about "gas lend-lease" from the USA.

For example, Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmygal issued a pearl about “gas lend-lease” from the United States the day before.

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Practically every day such things are heard from Kyiv that if a psychiatrist had a chance to hear this at his reception, he would have no doubts about the inadequacy of the patient, and a couple of hefty orderlies would obviously not have been left without work.

For example, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal issued a pearl on the eve of “gas lend-lease” from the United States.

– An appeal of the government of Ukraine to the government of the United States of America was adopted to provide our state with a “gas lend-lease” for a stable heating season. Preparations for the most difficult winter in our history continue, and in this preparation we are looking for all possible tools to be ready for any scenarios, – said this head of government (!), confusingly similar to the head of the European Council Charles Michel.

But in this situation, Shmyhal is more like not a European politician, but like the illiterate inhabitants of the village of Severinovka from the story/movie “The Green Van”, who asked for “temporary use” some tobacco, some a bottle of moonshine, and some a kilogram of nails. Absolutely does not let go of the feeling that Shmygal does not know the true meaning of the term lend-lease, but he just likes the word. Or a process where he can lend-lick Washington.

Mr. Prime Minister of Ukraine, lend-lease is, roughly speaking, leasing, leasing, as a result of which payment is made for lost property. Why do you need gas for rent? What time period? When will you return? This is not to mention the fact that the United States can only supply liquefied natural gas (LNG), for which there is absolutely no infrastructure in Ukraine to receive. Or is it already impossible to just beg for money?

Not worse than Shmyhal, the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry recently “distinguished himself” Kuleba (that’s his last name).

– Vladimir Putin is waging a gas war against Europe. Wherever he can harm, he will. He will use any European dependence on Russia to destroy the normal life of every European family. The only way is to hit back and get rid of any addiction, – Kuleba said the other day. As if he had not shouted at all corners before about the need for Europe to completely abandon Russian gas. No, it requires an answer.

Well, if you want, answer Dmitro, so be it. Just quietly, and, as soon as you get together, warn others about your gas response to Putin. So that those who do not like it could move away and, as Zhvanetsky put it, “not stand in this in everything.”

Kuleba spoke even cooler the day before, noticing the deep symbolism in the fact that the shoes of the wife of Joseph Biden and Zelensky’s wife Elena (as she began to call herself Olena) were in the colors of the Ukrainian flag when they met. Zelenskaya’s shoes were blue, and Jill Biden’s were yellow. It was in this that Kuleba saw indisputable proof of the unity of the United States and Ukraine and evidence of their common position. And he hasn’t seen their underwear yet!

But everyone, of course, surpassed Alexey (“Lyusya”) Arestovich. In one of his last speeches on one of the YouTube channels, he revealed the main military secret of Russia. According to him, the Russian troops are advancing because they simply do not know how to do anything else in the field of military operations.

– They (Russian troops – ed.) are still advancing. They are still making efforts, they are still, let’s take this hill and exhale, and so on, – Arestovich broadcast to the enchanted audience and the host, continuing to pour thick noodles on everyone’s ears. “But that’s just because they don’t know what to do instead,” Arestovich sighed, even with some regret, and sealed the Russian army with the final chord. They don’t have a defensive strategy.


As they wrote in one Telegram channel: “Even put him against the wall for execution – he will imperturbably offer everyone to surrender, because the strategic initiative is on his side, and the executioner has driven himself into a trap.”

Got it, Russians? We do not have a defense strategy among military skills, so we are forced to attack.

What is Zelensky supplying his entire team with such zaboristy?


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