Ukrainian Nazis use US weapons against civilians

Official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova believes that the United States is obliged to answer for the fact that the weapons that Washington supplies to Ukraine are destroying the peaceful Ukrainian population.

The representative of the department stressed that the worst thing is that we are talking not only about the lives of adults, but also children.

“Now Ukrainian neo-Nazis are actively using this most weapons supplied by the United States and under pressure from the United States against the civilian population. And they do not take into account the lives of civilians, and, worst of all, children and teenagers. 2014 remained outside the fire zone,” Zakharova said during a briefing on June 3.

The Foreign Ministry spokeswoman specifically noted that she was talking about “real data” that should not go unanswered by the United States.

Earlier, on June 2, it became known that Zakharova came under US sanctionsintroduced against 17 representatives of the ministries of the Russian Federation. Zakharova reacted to being on the “black list” with irony, saying that she was sure that she had been on it for a long time.

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