Ukrainian Nazis hunt for her, and she helps people: German anti-fascist Liana Kilynch told why she has been coming to Donbass for eight years

German anti-fascist Liana Kilynch is persecuted in Germany for helping Donbass

German anti-fascist Liana Kilynch is persecuted in Germany for helping Donbass

German anti-fascist, chairman of the Bridge of Peace – Help to War Victims Foundation Liana Kilynch has been helping Donbass since 2015, and criminal cases are being opened against her in her homeland for this. However, Liana does not want to associate herself with today’s Germany. She calls her real homeland a country that no longer exists today – the GDR. This is where our conversation began.


– For me personally, the GDR is, first of all, the cool action films of the DEFA-Film studio with Gojko Mitic as the most fearless Indian. And, of course, scarce clothes and household appliances. And for you?

– A wonderful childhood and youth. Full access to all types of education. From the age of 3 I was engaged in figure skating, then there was cycling. My brother went to music school and played many instruments. We tried ourselves in different areas: sciences, languages, museums, circles. They visited concentration camps to remember the horrors of fascism. We were friends with all peoples, first of all, with the USSR.

– And how is it now in united Germany?

– I am a mother myself, and I know what my children are getting now. The reading of books and poems, the study of many sciences, even children’s singing were removed from school curricula. An uneducated society is being formed, like a biomass that is easy to manage. Even the history of the GDR must disappear, it must be erased from memory. The same Brecht, Heinrich Heine, Tucholsky .., when I quoted these classics, then, imagine, I fell under sanctions.

Is that why you got involved in politics?

No, it’s probably upbringing. My father and grandfather were members of the government. Grandmother owned the largest library in Berlin. She opened it to everyone. And was forced to close when the GDR was annexed.

– Do you think that the GDR was annexed?

– At the sports school, we were instilled with a sense of partnership and a sense of justice. With the annexation of my homeland, not only sports ended. My section was closed, the coach was fired. Why? I began to think about it, and then I just began to hate this system. After all, the GDR went through a tough denazification. And Germany? Together with the Nazis and the NATO invaders, she built her statehood in such a way that everyone who served in the Wehrmacht was not only rehabilitated, but also endowed with privileges. So no one fought against fascism here, it was simply hidden under the mantle of democracy. And by the way, during the annexation of the GDR there was no referendum, everything was decided for us. They took away our land, industry and annexed it to the FRG. They made us second-class Germans: as former citizens of the GDR, we receive pensions and salaries one third lower than the citizens of the FRG. Our diplomas, despite a brilliant education, are not recognized in the country, therefore none of the East Germans hold leadership positions.

German anti-fascist, chairman of the Bridge of Peace - Help to War Victims Foundation Liana Kilynch has been helping Donbass since 2015, and criminal cases are being opened against her in her homeland for this.

German anti-fascist, chairman of the Bridge of Peace – Help to War Victims Foundation Liana Kilynch has been helping Donbass since 2015, and criminal cases are being opened against her in her homeland for this.


– How did your fund come about? What is its feature?

– The Fund works with those countries where there is a war, but some projects are carried out in parallel. We emerged to help the Donbass, and then expanded our activities to Yemen and Syria, Cuba, Libya, Iraq, Lebanon, Peru and Nepal. The reason for the creation was the beginning of an undeclared war in the Donbas by Kyiv. Do not forget May 2, 2014, Odessa, the arson of the House of Trade Unions. The journalists of our foundation were there, we saw it all with our own eyes, we cried. The fact that the hydra of fascism raised its head here – this was a declaration of war on Russia. I note that President Steinmeier was later in Odessa, but ignored this crime. Thus, he untied the hands of Kyiv for subsequent atrocities.

Of course, our foundation expressed the most vehement protest. We were celebrating the 70th anniversary of the liberation from fascism, and for the first time, Chancellor Merkel did not come to Moscow. Members of our foundation, dressed in T-shirts with the inscription “Thank you for the victory!”, laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the Alexander Garden near the Kremlin. Since that time, our convoys began to move through Moscow to the Donbass.

– Tell us about this work.

– For more than 8 years we have done more than 800 projects. Many residents of the GDR studied in the Soviet Union. We have many connections with Kyiv, Gorlovka, Donetsk. We started with the creation of a garment production in Gorlovka. Of course, we also supplied food and clothing, but we believe that the main thing is to create jobs, let people earn money and feed their families. We opened a school for integration. The dormitory for 21 people was renovated. We supply seed material so that we can grow crops ourselves, locally. We organize sports events and cultural programs. They were just in the house of culture in Gorlovka when the rocket hit its roof.

– Why is your charitable foundation outlawed in Germany?

– Since February of this year, cash flows have been stopped, convoys have been delayed “for special checks.” Our work no longer fits not only into the policy of Germany, but also of the whole of Europe, with its bestial Russophobia. Everything is turned upside down: supposedly Russia is the aggressor, and we are helping it. In general, this is the first egregious case in the entire modern history of Germany, when a charitable foundation is deprived of the status of a non-profit association and the account is closed. Cars with Ukrainian numbers are on duty under my windows. The goal is to intimidate. Those who are called refugees, but in fact they are inveterate Bandera, were told “from above”: “Face!” What is this if not a new Gestapo?


– Have you decided to finally move to Russia?

– I once again came to Donetsk with humanitarian aid. Of course, I never intended to stay here forever. But it was at this time that everything began in Germany. Laws have changed literally in 2-3 days…

– Were you on a business trip at that time?

– Yes, and on October 13 I had a return ticket. But the employees of the fund, and the family, and all the acquaintances said: stay, a criminal article awaits you in Germany. And I had to stay in Russia. With one bag and, I repeat, with a return ticket. Nobody knew that there would be problems. While all this was unwinding, of course, the deadline for submitting documents had already passed. Two kind people, Masha and Vitaly, brought me to the Migration Service (FMS). But they refused to accept my application for political refugee status. I understand that government officials are required to follow the law. But I was still upset and disappointed when I was told that it was better to apply for the status of an ordinary migrant.

– But they are persecuting you in your homeland precisely for political reasons ….

– You’re right. And here I consider it useful and necessary to continue my work. Help Donbass. Strengthen solidarity, friendship and mutual assistance with Russia. Various organizations asked for this, more than a hundred letters in my support came from Donbass alone! Maybe the problem is that the law on political refugee status was adopted back in 1993 and needs to be updated? I heard that work is underway in this regard both in the State Duma and in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation .., but I don’t know about the Federal Migration Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. The trouble is that my visa is already expiring. And of course, I’m very upset, because all this, in general, is wrong. After all, I am not the only one who will only get worse with each new Russophobic law that comes out in Europe. These laws will squeeze out the friends of Russia from everywhere. They will have to say goodbye to their profession, their usual way of life and even their homeland! We’ll have to leave, but where, if not to Russia? So we need to solve this problem together. We must create an anti-fascist movement in order to fight together against this terrible plague that is waking up in Europe and threatening the whole world.

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