Ukrainian general admitted: Britain and the United States are already at war against Russia

Ukrainian military coordinate targets for American HIMARS missile systems with London and Washington

Ukrainian military coordinate targets for American HIMARS missile systems with London and Washington

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Acting Major General of the GUR (Main Intelligence Directorate) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Vadym Skibitsky suddenly opened up in an interview with an authoritative English publication The Telegraph dumped on public display natural scandal. One should not think that General Skibitsky is a fool or an inadequate talker. No. He is a high-ranking intelligence officer. However, he highlighted the facts of the direct participation of the West in the battles in Ukraine. What for? It seems that Kyiv does not allow its partners to “jump off” or “crawl to the side”, to make an absent look. And as you know, cats and Anglo-Saxons are the best in the world to make this species.

But, general Skibitsky spoke. And these words are full of slyness and evil cunning:


According to the general, “the detection and destruction of military aid coming to Ukraine from Western countries is the No. 1 goal for Russian agents.” According to Vadim Skibitsky, it is “impossible” to fight our intelligence officers without the help of London and other partners. As far as military intelligence is concerned, the UK and the US have provided just about everything from information to equipment.”

“We receive real-time information of all kinds every minute,” the general concluded proudly. And he praised the data coming from Western satellites. – We have very good satellite images.

That is, the American and British spy satellites hovering over Ukraine, according to Skibitsky, have already become part of the weapons provided by the West at the disposal of Kyiv.


The general casually revealed a small military secret, saying that “a significant part of the lethal aid coming to Ukraine is initially delivered to the Rzeszow-Jasyonka airfield in Poland, not far from the border.”

Perhaps the general hopes that the Russians will not stand the nerves and the Polish airfield will be properly “calibrated”. After that, Poland will enter the war, and then all of NATO will catch up …

In order to draw Poland into the war for sure, the general continued to give out military secrets: “Cooperation with Poland is also very high, since almost 90% of all military aid comes from there. Speech and joint operations with our partners”.


The journalist asked the general: how does Ukraine manage to accurately hit Russian military depots in the war zone? Here Skibitsky performed a clever manipulation. On the one hand, he said that by indicating targets in Ukraine for American missile systems HIMARS and other high-precision weapons supplied by the West are handled by the West itself. But, he quickly caught on:

– US officials do not provide direct information about targeting, they are not direct participants in the war (but unofficial instructors and advisers? Skabitsky kept silent about them. – Ed.). There may be consultations between intelligence officials from both countries before the missiles are launched, which would allow Washington to stop any potential attacks if they are unhappy with the intended target.

Stop. But this also means that all HIMARS missile attacks on civilian cities in the Donbass, including SIZO in Yelenovkawhere the prisoners were Ukrainian nationalists from the Azov Regiment (a criminal case has been initiated against him in Russia), were approved by the United States!

At least they could block these blows. But they did not do this, although they knew exactly where the missiles would fly.

And, as a maximum, they themselves directed, themselves crushed the targets for these strikes!

4. Friendship intelligence

Knowing full well that his interviews would be carefully studied in Russia, Skibitsky decided to provoke our counterintelligence officers. Nothing undermines the defenses of the enemy like a quality “witch hunt”. According to the general, Russia, as well as all levels of government and law enforcement agencies, are filled with Ukrainian agents. True, I could not give an example of any significant information that this Ukrainian intelligence network obtained. Something else is important in this part of the interview:

“Ukraine’s spy network in Russia is “definitely in demand” in the US and the UK,” Skibitsky admitted.

Here is the answer to the question – who is actually fighting in Ukraine against Russia. And why Washington and London are dragging out this “war to the last Ukrainian.”

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