Ukrainian executioners were trained by American instructors: The truth about the inhuman execution of Russian prisoners of war by the Armed Forces of Ukraine was revealed

Fighters in the 80th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were taught to hate everything Russian, such thoughts were implanted in them long before the start of the special operation

Fighters in the 80th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were taught to hate everything Russian, such thoughts were implanted in them long before the start of the special operation

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The execution by the executioners of the Armed Forces of Ukraine of the branch of surrendered Russian soldiers in Makeevka (a settlement in the LPR, which was captured by the Armed Forces of Ukraine) shocked by his cruelty. Unarmed, lying on the ground with their hands tied. The shooting is brutal, demonstrative. To the head. Everyone. The whole world is obliged to open its eyes to the truth about this crime.

It turned out, and what kind of part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and who personally arranged this massacre. Soldiers from the 80th separate airborne assault brigade, permanently stationed in Lviv. And a former Ukrainian soldier, who previously served in that unit himself, and now switched over to our side, told the correspondent RTwhat is this part.

According to him, the fighters in the 80th brigade were taught to hate everything Russian, such thoughts were implanted in them long before the start of the special operation. And all the Russian instructors demanded that the fighters “destroy, break.” They were not even made into animals, but brutalized, soulless, furious, ready to fulfill any order, or ready to show their most terrible and vile instincts and urges simply on their own initiative. By the way, the father of this former Ukrainian paratrooper was executed because he decided to appeal the order to exterminate the civilian population. After that, he came over to our side.

Moreover, they were brought up in this way, alternating brainwashing and “education” with drill and direct combat training, and not Ukrainians at all.

– American troops were taken under guardianship: both the training of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the political brainwashing of the military personnel of the 80th brigade were engaged in the American Marines, – this soldier said.

Where did they come from? Very simple. The brigade is stationed in Lvov, 30 kilometers from which is the infamous Yavorovsky training ground, which, after the start of the NMD, became the gathering point for almost all foreign mercenary rabble who came to Ukraine on “Russian safari.” The United States also assigned its instructors to this training ground, where they conduct classes.

And the American marines are still cattle, even against the backdrop of the already not shining high morale of the US army. The war crimes of American soldiers, officers and marines may well replace night terrors and horror films. In the US Armed Forces themselves, they have two nicknames – quite a decent “leather nape / neck” and a less decent, but more honestly characterizing them – “boars”. The very training of the American Marines comes down not only to hard drill and survival in a series of humiliations, both from instructors and from “old-timers”, but also to knocking out any thoughts that do not relate to the execution of orders from commanders.

And while teaching Ukrainian paratroopers, American instructors only passed on to them not only their knowledge, but also the beliefs that had been inculcated into them over the years of service. Moreover, green and fledglings are not taken as instructors, there are old servicemen, from whom even their colleagues, who themselves went through “fire and water”, shudder and sweat.

And let the US State Department now falsely demands “investigate”and draws” everyone’s attention to the inadmissibility of war crimes. “This cannot deceive anyone, because such is the system of education of the American military, such is the American state policy. Only since the days of the USSR, the slogan “Kill the communist, kill the red!” was changed to “Kill the Russian !” All the difference. They gave weapons to the hands and an order to the head. And now all this civilian Ukrainian and liberal Russian bastards are trying to shout each other down, proving the nonsense that “the Russians themselves are to blame, because they surrendered not like that.” Everyone they shot in cold blood at point-blank range, lying in the head! This is a massacre of the obviously helpless, this is an execution! Quite, by the way, in the spirit of those “boars” who shot ordinary civilians in various countries, being completely confident in their own impunity. Like the presidents of the United States ordering the bombardment of village weddings with heavy attack drones.

As for the 80th Air Assault Brigade, I have no doubt that the military personnel of this unit will now very rarely be taken prisoner. In practice, they will be absent among the prisoners. But after all, not only from this brigade, Ukrainian soldiers mocked prisoners of war. It turns out that other soldiers and officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are no different from them. And to surrender to them is no better than to the punishers from the Nazi battalions.

In the UK, 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers have now been trained, and a new batch has been taken away. Do you think they were only trained in combat coordination and shooting from various weapons? No matter how. They went through a full course of psychological processing. The British have no less experience in this matter than the Americans. We tried to distinguish between ordinary soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Nazis from Azov*. And now they are all Nazis from Azov and sadists from Tornado. And they take an example from their own new heroes, who ripped open the bellies of pregnant women and smashed the heads of children on the stone of Bandera. And the Ukrainians burned their own compatriots alive in Odessa even before the American instructors.

Americans are, of course, very good teachers. But the students they came across are such that they can also surpass teachers.

* – recognized in the Russian Federation by the decision of the Supreme Court as a terrorist organization, activities on the territory of Russia are prohibited.


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