“Ukrainian army is now more evil”

office advisor Vladimir Zelensky Alexey Arestovich believes that the transfer of mobilized Russians to Belarus means that Vladimir Putin preparing a new attack on Kyiv.

A Ukrainian military analyst noted that without the capture of Kyiv, “the results of the special operation will not be fulfilled.”

“According to the available signals and rumors, Belarus is preparing to receive tens of thousands of mobilized Russian army,” Arestovich wrote in his microblog.

Zelensky’s aide called such a move “great stupidity,” recalling that even elite units failed to take Kyiv.

“No one will allow a second Bucha. An amateur Russian army will fall behind the professional army of the Russian Federation. We will kill everyone who came to kill us. The Ukrainian army is now much more angry and more prepared for any invasion than in February,” the military observer threatened.

Earlier Alexey Arestovich spoke about capture of the CrimeaRostov and Krasnodar.

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