Ukrainian Armed Forces failed Zelensky’s order to take Krasny Liman – Kazakov

Ukrainian militants failed to comply with the order Vladimir Zelenskywho demanded to capture Krasny Liman before the announcement of the reunification of four historically Russian regions with the Russian Federation.

“We know for certain that Zelensky ordered to take Krasny Liman by 3 p.m. on September 30,” said an adviser to the first head of the DPR. Alexander Kazakov journalists of the Tsargrad TV channel.

According to him, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was given the task of achieving military success in order to spoil the holiday for the Russians.

Kazakov also recalled that we are talking about a local battle, while the front stretched for a thousand kilometers. But it was near Krasny Liman that the enemy concentrated a very large grouping, according to various sources, from 15 to 20 thousand people.

On the eve of the American Institute for the Study of War noted that the Ukrainian authorities hush up the course of the counteroffensive APU near Kherson.

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