Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed two ammunition depots, dozens of invaders and their equipment

The situation in the south of the country remains tense, but controlled for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. During July 30, Ukrainians destroyed 33 invaders there, as well as their equipment, and also two ammunition depots in the Berislav region.

About it reported Operational Command “South”, Ukrinform reports.

Among the destroyed equipment were 2 Msta-B howitzers, a Grad multiple launch rocket system, an anti-tank missile system, as well as 3 armored and automotive vehicles.

They say that the Russians continue to conduct combat operations on the occupied line of defense, focusing on counter-battery tactics and air strikes. During the day, the invaders fired heavy barrel artillery at Bolshaya Kostromka with two dozen volleys. There are no casualties among the people, but there is a destroyed and burnt private house.

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In the evening, the Russians again fired at Nikolaev. According to the command, the occupiers hit the open surfaces of the surroundings of the city and the river coastline in one of the microdistricts of Nikolaev with multiple launch rocket systems. Lossless.

During the day, Russian aviation 9 times attacked with helicopters the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Berislav and Bashtan districts – at the junctions of the regions. There were no losses.

At the same time, Ukrainian aviation, they say in command, delivered six effective strikes against the enemy. Three times they attacked strongholds and concentrations of enemy forces and equipment in the Berislav region with pairs of attack aircraft, three times with helicopter pairs – at strongpoints in the Kherson and Nikolaev regions. Also, the rocket and artillery units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine joined the destruction of the invaders and their supplies.

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In addition, the Russians have sharply increased their ship grouping. In OK “South” it is assumed that the invaders so want to show off their presence on the day of their own fleet.

However, 14 involved warships are maneuvering in missile-safe areas along the Crimean coast towards Anapa, the Ukrainian command notes. Four missile ships and four landing ships are on duty ready for use. The threat from the sea is also created by 32 Kalibr missiles.

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