Ukrainian air defense turned out to be full of holes

The Kyiv authorities can only raise their heads and count the flying Russian missiles in the sky over the capital of Ukraine. Ukrainian air defense turned out to be full of holes. This opinion was expressed by the colonel in the reserve Sergei Khatylev in an interview with MK.

He believes that in Ukraine no effective air defensewhich successfully shoots down, judging by the stories of the president Vladimir Zelenskyalmost all Russian missiles, are practically gone.

The expert noted that the air defense system of Ukraine has always been one of the strongest even after the collapse of the USSR, but now it actually does not exist.

“There is no single command, exchange of data on the air situation. But because they can shoot down a serious one? In general, nothing. Well, unless our missile flies directly at the positions of the division itself, then they may shoot it down, ” — explained the source of the edition.

Earlier today, video footage of the use of German IRIS-T air defense against Russian cruise missiles appeared on the Web. The experience was unsuccessful.

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