Ukraine’s refusal to join NATO will reduce the degree of pressure

German publicist and TV presenter Richard David Precht believes that NATO should provide Russia with guarantees that Ukraine will receive a neutral status and will not be accepted into the Allianceas its leader insists Vladimir Zelensky.

Precht is sure that if at least one EU country promises Russia that it will not support Ukraine’s entry into NATO, this will help stabilize the tense situation in the world and become a prerequisite for building further dialogue.

“For a new member to join the military bloc, the consent of all participating countries is needed. Based on this, if at least one European country gives Russia mandatory guarantees that it will vote against Ukraine’s admission to NATO, then we will be able to reduce the degree of pressure and, possibly, prepare ground for further negotiations,” Precht said in a podcast. RND.

However, Precht’s proposal outraged a number of German politicians, including the Minister of Health of Germany Karl Lauterbachas well as the former Ukrainian ambassador in Berlin Andrey Melnyk.

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