Ukraine’s NATO membership in 2008 would have destroyed the planet

Ukraine’s entry into NATO’s North Atlantic Alliance in 2008 could aggravate the “Crimean issue.”

This was announced by a political expert Alexander Kamkin.

According to him, the decision of Germany 14 years ago to refuse Kyiv was correct or everything would lead to a conflict between NATO and the Russian Federation. In this conflict, the parties would not have retreated and a war was quite possible.

“The possibility of Ukraine’s entry in NATO – even before the Maidan – would have significantly exacerbated the Crimean issue, the problem of Sevastopol and the presence of the Russian Black Sea Fleet there. The entry of the country into the alliance would simultaneously untie the hands of the Kyiv regime in the anti-Russian direction and could lead to a total confrontation between the entire NATO bloc and Russia, ”the PolitExpert edition quotes the observer.

Formerly ex-Chancellor of Germany Gerhard Schroeder also commented on Germany’s decision in 2008, calling it a wise move.

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