Ukraine urgently needs to break off all diplomatic relations with Belarus

Kyiv, without hesitation, needs to break off all relations with Minsk, and “do not care about the Ukrainian-Belarusian front.”

This was reported on the air of the Kyiv channel by the former ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus Roman Immortal.

“Unfortunately, the political leadership does not distinguish between military-tactical, political and diplomatic steps. “Do you not want” or “have a motive not to shoot”? In the current situation, it is unacceptable not to break off diplomatic relations, because from the point of view of absolutely all norms of international law, In fact, such relations have already been suspended,” the diplomat said.

According to him, departure of Ukrainians “will force to moderate the ardor” Alexander Lukashenko. Bessmertny is also dissatisfied with the inaction of the European Union on the issue of “re-education” of the President of Belarus.

“It is necessary to evacuate the diplomatic corps from there, call on the Ukrainians to return, etc. And even after that, Lukashenka will sit down. He won’t be afraid, but he will sit down. But for some reason this is not being done. that it is very wide,” summed up the Ukrainian politician.

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