Ukraine underestimates the technical potential of the Russian Federation, Feigin is sure *

Ukrainian analyst Mark Feigin* admitted that if Russia allowed itself to hit Ukraine with 84 cruise missiles, then the Armed Forces of Ukraine underestimate the technical capabilities of the Russian Federation.

Feygin noted that Ukraine should rethink the myth that Russia has a weak technical potential. In addition to the mobilization resource, according to the blogger, the Russian Federation can produce powerful weapons.

“If Russia has the weapons to carry out such missile strikes, apparently, we still underestimated it. The infrastructure also allows us to create some kind of means of destruction, missile and all sorts of others,” the blogger shared his thoughts.

The analyst has no doubt that the actions of the Russian Federation will provoke new deliveries of Western weapons to Ukraine. He noted that Ukraine is especially in need of missile defense.

“Russia, in addition to mobilization, has a certain potential – weapons, tanks, aircraft, since it can so generously waste them on strikes,” the blogger expressed his opinion.

Previously Alexey Arestovich explained that after the attacks on Ukraine, the West will expand the range arms supplies and strengthen sanctions against the Russian Federation.

* included in the register of foreign mass media acting as a foreign agent.

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